Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Student Association


CIGSA - Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Student Association - works to build community and power amongst students in the Curriculum and Instruction Department at the University of Minnesota. Our board represents all program areas within the department and plans social events, as well as the Emerging Scholars Conference each spring, to build connections, both personal and professional.

Get to Know the Board

CIGSA Board Members' Selfies on Flipgrid

Given we can't welcome and connect in person this fall, we invite you to get to know us on our Flipgrid! Hear about our positions in the organization, individual research (and life) interests, and how you can connect with us individually!


CIGSA Invites you to our Knowledge Swap! Take knowledge; give knowledge. 1st Half Hour: students only how folks have navigated program milestones (prelims, proposal, dissertation) to get tips!  2nd half hour: Conversation w/ Kristina Pearson!

Looking to connect and gain insight from fellow C&I graduate students about navigating program milestones? 

Us too! Without face-to-face interactions, we have been missing the casual knowledge swapping that happens in the halls of Peik, helping us all navigate the complicated process of getting a PhD. 

CIGSA wants to help with our first Knowledge Swap! Join us Friday, February 19 from 12:30-1:30pm (via Zoom) to share insight you have and gain additional insight from fellow grad students on how to navigate program milestones, especially in these "trying times." 

After our first half-hour, student-only discussion, we'll welcome the wonderful Kristina Pearson to answer any questions that arise. 

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If you'd like to get involved, email us with a little about you and your interests! We'd love to have you.

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