Social Distancing Resources


As we all (hopefully) settle into new routines of working from home and dealing with the uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, the CIGSA board members are thinking about how we can help our C&I community. To that end, we're compiling some resources that might help.

A lot of department resources have been shared by email, so we encourage you to double-check your inbox and reach out to your advisor with questions regarding your progression in the program or milestones.

Reach out to us via email at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions!

Sharing Solace

This is a crowdsourced page of distractions/resources/things that have brought us solace, created by board members of CIGSA (and you!). The first link takes you to the Sharing Solace page itself, and the second is a form thast will let you share what you've found directly to the page.

Mental Health Resources

Food & Internet Resources

Internet Resources

  • Comcast/Xfinity has opened all of their hotspots to the public without password requirement or fees. You can enter your zip code and find hotspots near you. If you go to this page - at the bottom of the browser screen there is a place to enter a zip code. Hotspots are all over the place.
  • Reach out to the department, college, and/or your supervisor if you need technology support and see if there's anything available to borrow!

Please note that any crowdsourced materials do not necessarily reflect the opinions or position of the University of Minnesota, department of Curriculum & Instruction, or CIGSA.